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How do I make an appointment for consultation and treatment?

To schedule an appointment, call us at 301-231-7800. Normally, we will be able to see you within 48-72 hours.


How long does each appointment last?

Initial evaluations last up to 90 minutes to allow time for thorough evaluation an design of the treatment plan. Follow up appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes but may last up to 90 minutes to allow for treatment.


What is the proper attire?

Please come dressed comfortably in loose fitted clothing so the therapist can better access and evaluate the area of dysfunction.


Do I need a physician’s referral or script?

Yes. Please bring the referral to your first visit. You can have your physician’s office fax the referral to our office at 301-231-7801.


Can you define some of the confusing insurance terminology so I can get a clear understanding of my plan specifics?

Yes we can!

  • Deductible – Amount patient must pay out of pocket before the insurance covers any portion of service
  • Copay – Set amount of treatment patient is responsible for each visit. Does not usually apply until deductible has been met.
  • Coinsurance – Percent of treatment that patient is directly responsible for. Does not usually apply until deductible has been met.
  • Max Visits – Number of visits insurance will either partially cover or fully cover. Will not cover anything after the maximum visits have been used.
  • Cap – Maximum amount insurance will pay. Patients will be responsible for anything not covered after the cap has been reached.
  • Preauthorization – Some insurances will not cover any portion of your treatment without pre-certification. Each insurance company has its own process and will determine how many visits you are allowed and what date range you can go to. If you know your insurance requires pre-authorization, please alert the office staff.
  • Out of Pocket Max – The maximum amount you, the policy holder, must spend before your insurance company covers your treatment at 100%.


What if I do not have a physician’s referral or script?

In most cases, a physician’s referral is required to see a physical therapist. However, Maryland, among other states, has enacted Direct Access legislation, allowing patients to receive physical therapy services without a physician’s referral. The majority of insurance companies require a referral for reimbursement for any services to the provider. As such, we are happy to offer our services even if you do not have a physician’s referral at the time of visit. The initial evaluation charge is $125 and each follow-up appointment is $90. We will provide you a receipt for each visit, so that you have the option to submit the claim to your health insurance company for reimbursement.


How will physical therapy help me?

Physical therapists help patients, including motor vehicle accident victims and individuals with disabling conditions (such as low-back pain, arthritis, fractures, head injuries and cerebral palsy), by providing services that restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent of limit permanent physical disabilities. They restore, maintain and promote overall fitness and health. In the rare event that our therapists are unable to help you, they will make the appropriate referral to other allied health professionals who may be able to better help you.